Sunday, 5 March 2017

Progress Update

Over the course of the past few months, I have found it difficult so balance my social, physical and mental well being. In fact, it's my belief that by improving one aspect of your life, you can damage other aspects. As a developer, it's safe to say that physical health is at the bottom of my priority list, and because of the copious amounts of coffee and sugar going into my body on a daily basis, I save valuable time that I can pour into social and mental aspects of my life. 

I would argue that these aspects of our lives then branch out into more complex systems. We need financial security, hobbies, dreams, aspirations and more! If you then factor in the fact that you need money to stay alive, it can be very difficult to pour all of your attention into your aspirations, and these can end up taking a back seat. WELL, NO LONGER, I SAY!!

I've left my job, saved up some money, made some tough choices, and I'm now ready to pursue game development full-time. This means that I'll be able to keep the blog updated much more frequently and also receive more help on my project than ever before, receiving consultation about the topological design of my game from a more abstracted level, getting the groundwork right, and lastly, starting the whole project from scratch... again.

Due to life's responsibilities, Steve and I will not be able to work on this project together, and we cannot both afford to work the same hours, so instead, I shall be consulting him now and again about my design to get his input. The idea was originally to do a 50/50 split, but to do this would require him leaving his job, turning his life upside down and setting up shop where I live, which is quite a big ask!

This means that I shall be taking on 100% of the development responsibility. I'll be doing the coding, soundtrack, sound design, animation, writing and art work - a hefty workload for one person! However, this leaves me with total creative freedom to create something that I personally feel happy with!

Let's get Schwifty! :D

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